YouTube killer and video ad sites prepared to launch

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 22:01:29 -0700

Early next year NBC Universal will launch, a YouTube-like video site made just for advertisers. The site will feature TV spots both old and new, movie trailers and other brand-related stuff. Advertisers will also include special offers and promotions to coincide with their specific channel.
The idea was concocted by executives at the NBC Universal-owned USA cable network, so expect lots of ads for that particular network when the site launches. Eventually, other NBC Universal properties will show up on the site, as well.
"Didja" is a play on the phrase "didja see that," and not, as I assumed, a play on the phrase, "didja ever wonder why the hell anyone would want to visit a video site with nothing but ads?"
NBC Universal and News Corp have also formed a partnership called New Co., which will launch a new video site before The new venture between the two media companies has been called a "YouTube killer." The site, which will feature full-length television series and movies, launches next month.

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