Re: Ares problem?

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 13:07:09 -0700

K. Weird.


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Just an FYI, Ty didn’t ask me or my team for daily reports on Ares. I don’t want to argue with him though. We’ll help him with anything he needs to help fix Ares.



From: Ty Heath
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That doesn't sound good. I can't use my status program until I get better internet. On Monday I asked QA to give me daily updates on protection status and they haven't mentioned anything. I will do a once over on important servers and make sure they look okay.




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I'm just sending this email in case it is symptomatic of a larger issue. The WMAs/WMVs suddenly dropped Tuesday to 60% their normal rate and have been steadily falling since then (yesterday they were about 20% of the normal volume). This isn't really an issue for promotion, but I'm letting you know in case this indicates a larger problem might exist (perhaps with a db, the network, etc.).

Again, I'm not alarmed, this is just an informative message.



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