RE: EMI - Korn Trial Results - we passed :)

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:57:28 -0700

Cool. Just checking. Octavio told EMI that the dhtxxxx user names are how the dht network behaves natively.


From: Ty Heath
Sent: Fri 13-Apr-07 14:48
To: Ben Grodsky
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Subject: Re: EMI - Korn Trial Results - we passed :)

There is nothing we can do about DHT results getting a dhtxxxx@????
name. Real DHT results look that way and so must ours. I don't
create those user names, the client builds after it receives the
search results, and they are a function of the source ip for each


On Apr 13, 2007, at 9:39 AM, Ben Grodsky wrote:

> EMI Testing results are attached for the Korn Unplugged trial we did.
> EMI is very happy with our overall protection. A few comments to
> be aware of:
> for BitTorrent they are using Azureus. Octavio is starting to
> steer them toward uTorrent, but they're currently testing with
> Azureus exclusively. So decoys are imperative and we don't need to
> bother with interdiction for now. GREAT JOB Bittorrent!!!
> for Ares they are concerned about how are DHT results return with
> DHT usernames (see attached MD Korn Trial March 07 - Ares
> Usernames.JPG). Ty, is there anything we can do about this, or is
> this the nature of hitting hard on DHT?
> for Gnutella they were NEVER able to get any real content. Ivan's
> protection was solid!
> Thanks again everyone and GREAT WORK!
> -Ben
> <MD Korn Trial March 07 - Ares Usernames.JPG>
> <MediaDefender Trial (Feb - Mar 2007) - Korn - Overall Monitoring
> Summary FINAL.xls>
> <MediaDefender Trial (Feb - Mar 2007) - Korn - BitTorrent
> Monitoring.xls>
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