status meeting - 30 march 2007

From: Ben Grodsky <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 12:11:07 -0700

 Announcements from Ty

* make RPM name start with MD

* have process name start with MD

* make it descriptive name, so can identify what the RPM and Process are. Should be non-abbreviated name

* clean out old versions of stuff from repository server. Xforward into box and type nautilus ???


* running BT site on Rails server, will change to another physical/web server


* feed name now using display name instead of actual project name

* cleaner data for gnutella feeds

        * matching substrings now

* gnutella host browser done

        * b/o time stamp and supply, try to connect to LW IPs to browse host

        * this shows a different view of supply

        * connected to 20k IPs of 60k connected. Got 12mm files

* turning off Raphael-kluged-up gnutella data collection and transitioning


* working on global demand collection on gnutella

* will track "vendors" for Danny's host browser stuff

* KAD supply had fluctuations in supply

        * d/o how many connections made in last second ???

        * running more stably now

* keyword selection now limited to strings 30 characters long

        * haven't looked at this yet to see what kind of data being collected

        * 30 char length string might be too short

                * possibly yielding false positives

                * but, that's checked against key words

        * looking at track, artist, etc. in meta data as well as filenames - doing this on

        * common word/substring match issue discussed

                * track-based kill words

* building interface in ruby


* tabs created dynamically

* billboard changes put in.

* Ivan-step function still going

* putting Negative Tracks into Billboard list

* starting to work on Geo stuff


* basic version of auto-interdictor

        * currently only on Black Donnelys

        * working on logic that would d/o more than just min seeds/peers

* tweaked some IP acquisition logic

* Searcher running again. So debugging AutoPoster starting Monday.

* BT db has been running very slow recently

        * 13mm entries and was going crazy

        * now down to 300k entries

        * accessing this db might require better hardware


* BT Searcher

        * adding exception handlers

        * working w/ Sergio to add some functionality

* debugging additional sites

* do another pass on country code

        * separate excel column for each project

        * country, global count, project 1 count, project 2 count ...


* looking into why/how Macrovision is doing well on BT according to Paramount


* network maintenance dealing w/ overheated servers

        * fixing all racks once IT gets

* thumbnail generator

        * reading hashes from Dylan's table

        * when requested, inserted to db

        * sorted by order of requests: most popular d/led first

        * writing scheduler to launch thread of Steffan's d/l

                * Steffan's working on the web server-client side stuff right now.

                * Need from Steffan some time next week

                * will have call w/ Steffan next week to hammer out spec details

                        * want command line access to d/ler interface

                        * should be able to pass various parameters

* may work on BT interdiction clean out system

        * checking for dead torrents to optimize load balancing system


* working on status system.

* working on Ares searching stuff this coming week.

* Swapping cabinets with Ivan to bring up ares from 5 cabinets to 10 cabinets.
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