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From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 10:43:38 -0700

Well, we aren't really keeping track via GUID and ip, but when you
request something from the server, it tries to figure out what ip:port
you are talking about. If you just say the account, there is a chance
if both are running at the same time, the server can get confused about
which hashes to tell you about. If you ask about an account and GUID, I
can be sure about which ip you are asking about. Then, I can grab the
hashes for that ip without any worry. This change had to be made at
some point anyway, this problem just reminded me of it.
The same change should be made to the Tivo call, to make sure that I'm
returning the right hashes.
As for what caused your problem, I'm not quite sure. Sending up the new
file list should clear the old one. Plus, since both of your boxen were
using different ports, one shouldn't have seen the list of the other,
unless both were running. In which case, you could have see the library
of the second on the first one. Not the other way. Weird.

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Subject: Re: Library Doh

        Well, I would call that a "what do you expect that things have
gotten fucked up?" scenario. But I would think that if you run one and
then close it and run another that the library hashes sent up should be
cool beans.

        Do we really want to index libraries by user / hash combos? I
mean, if you do, then whatever, but I wouldn't think you would.


        - Z

        On May 7, 2007, at 9:33 AM, Jay Mairs wrote:

                What if you're running both at the same time?
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                Yeah, but I had closed the first instance, then ran the
second instance ... You'd think that the library hashes that I sent up
would be sufficient or something ...
                I would say you just use the latest library hashes that
are sent up for that user. It shouldn't really matter what the GUID is.
                - Z
                On May 7, 2007, at 9:23 AM, Dylan Douglas wrote:
                        When you do the call to the library.php, you
probably have to include the guid of the machine you are on in, say
                        Please make the change and I'll make mine when I
get in.
                        Dylan Douglas
                        From: Stefan Kaczmarek
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                        To: Ivan Kwok; Ben Ebert; Ty Heath; Jay Mairs;
Sergio Alvarez; Nainesh Solanki; Dylan Douglas
                        Subject: Library Doh
                        Here's a weird one: I downloaded a file in my
queue to one box, and
                        then fired the proggy up on another box, and I
re-added that already-
                        downloaded file to my queue so that I could
download it to the other
                        one, but it says that it's already in my
library, even though it's not.
                        - Z
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