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Please disable the emi/virgin logon.


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Also, thanks for the new login – but the old ‘emi’/‘virgin’ one still works which makes the new login a little redundant in terms of stepping-up login security.


Can you please disable the old ‘emi’/‘virgin’ login?


We look forward to hearing further details on the scoring model.


Many thanks & best regards,







From: Katz, Ruth
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To: 'Octavio Herrera'; Hughes, Steffan
Cc: Ben Grodsky; Neil Saxby; Rick Moreno
Subject: RE: Marketing Intelligence


Hi Octavio,


Thanks for all the information. However I've read and re-read what you've written and I still don't think it tells us in detail about the assumptions you've used for the scoring model. Can you explain in more detail or not?


many thanks and best regards




From: Octavio Herrera [mailto:octavio_at_mediadefender.com]
Sent: 14 August 2007 17:53
To: Katz, Ruth; Hughes, Steffan
Cc: Ben Grodsky; Neil Saxby; Rick Moreno
Subject: Marketing Intelligence

Ruth and Steff,


You can access the new Marketing Intelligence system at:




Login: emi

Password: virgin


The data is updated hourly and will contain the following:

- An index of every EMI track in our protection system (there are currently on 30 artists and their corresponding tracks right now but we will begin adding projects shortly)

- The ability to select tracks from the index and run reports over a given time period that yield relative “Scores” for selected tracks

- The ability to select tracks from the index and run reports through a given date that yield relative “Hourly Scores” for selected tracks

- The ability to obtain geographic breakdowns of selected tracks


We believe that this system is much more accurate for marketing/business intelligence purposes than our current reporting system. This system does not simply collect supply or demand but rather it uses an algorithm that takes supply, demand, our connectivity into p2p networks, and the relative sizes of different networks and comes up with a relative score. Thus if one track has a score of 1 and a different track has a score of 10 then it can be said that the second track is 10 times as popular on p2p than the first track . This is significant because the new methodology allows us to contextualize popularity. In the old system if Ares grew by 20% over the course of one year then demand would grow by 20% for a title (as an extreme example 1,000,000 daily requests on Napster in 1999 is not equivalent to 1,000,000 requests on eDonkey in 2007). Therefore, it was impossible to compare old data to new data. The new system allows you to do that because we are reporting a score rather than absolute numbers. Furthermore, the new system is real-time (as opposed to a week delay) so you and your labels will be able to track P2P activity based on events.


Please do not hesitate to send us questions as you begin using the system.




Octavio Herrera



MediaDefender, Inc.



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