CVS Update Codes

From: Dylan Douglas <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 12:25:47 -0700

Just a reminder about what the various letters mean when doing a CVS
Table 3-1. Status letters in a CVS update

Letter Meaning Description
? unknown This file is in your bochs directory, but CVS
does not know anything about it. For example, when you compile Bochs,
any files created during the build process appear as ?.
U update cvs downloaded a new version of this file because it
changed on the server, usually because someone else did a checkin.
P patch This does the same as U, but instead of sending the
whole file (update), only a diff/patch is sent, thus, less bandwidth is
M modified You have changed this file on your disk, so it
no longer matches the version on the server. This is not a problem; it's
just for your information. If you want, you can discard your changes and
get a fresh copy by deleting the file and running cvs update again.
C conflict You have changed this file on your disk, but
this change conflicts with a change that was checked in. Conflicts occur
when two people change the same line of code in different ways. You need
to edit the conflicting file(s) and clean it up by hand. Or, sometimes
it's easiest to discard your own edits and download a fresh copy, by
deleting the conflicting file and running cvs update again.
Dylan Douglas

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