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From: Ben Grodsky <grodsky_at_mediadefender.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 09:43:56 -0700

Jay and Octavio,
EMI has some feedback about the Marketing Intel site; we should discuss.
For 1., I think they want more info about the scoring algorithm. For 2., I think they're referring to the gnutella bias toward US data (would this be reconciled by our new geographic scoring algorithm, or should we consider weighting in more Eurocentric data more heavily?). For 3., I'm not sure what exactly they're asking for as far as an "artist rollup presentation" (is this just a composite view of all the tracks for a given artist making one consolidated data view?).


From: Katz, Ruth [mailto:ruth.katz_at_emimusic.com]
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To: Octavio Herrera; Randy Saaf; Ben Grodsky; Neil Saxby
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Subject: Feedback on the marketing tool

Dear All,
I've now had some internal feedback from the guys and thought I'd précis it and feed it back to you.
1. We all have concerns about the theory behind your algorithm and despite your explanation Octavio, we all feel that there's a need to be more transparent with your methodology before we can understand and more importantly trust the data. Otherwise its hard to make use of it all and you've worked hard to create something that in theory is good, IF we know how it works.
2. The geographic data needs to have far greater detail. I had a crazy out of the office week last week and have another one this week so don't know if you've input more data and got the programme to be more robust than it was. The guys felt that the difference is so wide from US vs ex-US, that's it's hard to reconcile. Are we seeing a meaningful picture here? Big Champagne has been mentioned and although I've not frequently seen data from them I believe that if this is to be regarded as a possible alternative or at least complementary tool, then more work needs to be done here.

3. From a data consumption perspective we need an artist rollup presentation - all tracks on an album with their relative rankings noted in a compact form. Track by track is useful but can be tedious so a consolidation would be needed please. The same across artists is also needed so we can better track the heat-seekers across the roster. We can also use this tool if we have all the data to start matching data from for example, Google Analytics and other media measurement tools (YouTube Plays, MySpace friend counts etc) with your data. That would be really useful for us to do.

Overall this is a great start but its not yet a defined enough solution.
Hope this helps!
Many thanks

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